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Heidi- Just Me

Me, Myself and I. It’s only me at Amethyst Dreams Designs making your dream designs real. You can be assured that from start to finish I’ll be the one handling everything to do with your designs.

As time marches on, things change, if we don’t change and preserve the world moves on without us. When it became clear that I would no longer be able to teach full time I chose to fall back on something that was familiar to me, computers. Unsure in the beginning what I wanted to do, I started in programming, as soon as I took a coding class in HTML. I knew that web design was the direction I wanted to head. Thus here I am today.

It is the same sense of perseverance that will drive the design of your website until you are satisfied. My job isn’t complete until your satisfaction has been met. We’ll work together until your website works the way you need it to.

Behind the Designer

My friends will tell you I’m the queen of the social butterflies and that I’ll never meet a stranger. I enjoy a multitude of activates, an eclectic assortment that makes for an interesting gatherings. I enjoy music, especially playing my trombone, trumpet or euphonium, paying video games, reading, writing, riding my bike, being in the outdoors and being on the softball field.

There’s never a dull moment around our house with the seven kids. Three dogs: the Chihuahua- Emma Jean, Terrier/Chihuahua- Dixie, Pug- Chinook; and the four cats: Angel, the twins Sabastion and Skelator, and Gypsy. Three boys (all cats) and four girls, ranging in ages from four to sixteen, makes for quite the family experience.

Connecting you to the world!