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When I'm not working on your website you'll find me always working on something. Staying idle just doesn't suit me.

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I am a freelance designer. I enjoy working with small companies, helping them to realize their potentials and to open doors for them that they never dreamed was possible.

My focus is all about working with you one on one to ensure that your graphics and/or website meets all your needs and will still grab your users attention. My current focus is creating graphics, icons or logos and the use of graphics to create other specailized items just for you. For example, currently I am working with the State Commissioner as ASA Softball becomes USA Softball to create Oregon pins using the new USA Softball logo.

When it come to web design I specalize in helping solve the 'what now' problems faced when the brillantly design website needs updated, but that great developer is no longer available to help. I'll work with you to ensure your site and graphics get the result you need and can assist you with your photos as well.

People are saying:

"Amethyst Dreams Designs made our site more user friendly."
~Windsor Rabbitry

"Amethyst Dreams set up our Facebook page. Clearly explaining the difference between a group and a page as well as the advantages of each. This allowed us to make the decision of which one would work better for us."
~Jag Softball

"Since Amethyst Dreams Designs taken over all of our internet presence sales have soared and the traffic to our facebook page has increased dramatically."
~Alexandra's Crafts

"Amethyst Dreanms has given our brochures a professional flare by adding images as backdrops and creating an overall layout which brings the whole thing together."
~Jag Softball

Making your dream designs real!